Huffhines Art Trails

Food & Snacks

Huffhines Cafe by Isaac Rousso - Serving homemade favorites and flavors of fall!

Conway's Corndogs - Dipped in the batter and then dipped in the fryer, Freshest and Bestest! Add fresh squeezed LEMONADE and a just-poured FUNNEL CAKE, and you have a complete festival meal. As an additional refresher, look for their SMOOTHIES Cart on the east border of the artist row.

Hillbilly KettleKorn - Yep, on site in a real kettle, and it is better than a popcorn ball and a whole lot easier to eat!

Wound Up! Cafe - From a trained chef/vintage scooter enthusiast, WUC's an Italian-made, three-wheeled 2012 Piaggio Ape 50 imported from the UK, and offering up locally-roasted brown stuff like a Chai-mera ("basically a mocha-chai-latte") and espressos, alongside much, much manlier things like a ChoccoLatte (hot chocolate w/ frothed milk), and San Francisco's David Rio Chai.

Texas Twist - Regulars to Cottonwood know the black grill on the festival's main road will have warm Mozzarella and Cinnamon PRETZELS. And if you need a cooler refresher, Texas Twist also offers frozen Minute Maid FROZEN TREATS.

Taylor's Concessions -New to Huffhines, Taylor’s concessions will be serving homemade pizza made from their portable wood-burning oven! Choose from traditional pepperoni, cheese, sausage or delicious BBQ chicken!

Bunch of Nuts - Our cinnamon roasted nuts are made with the finest and freshest ingredients and made with attention to detail for an authentic Bavarian-style treat you will not forget.