Huffhines Art Trails

Food & Snacks

Huffhines Café by Isaac Rousso - New to Huffhines Art Trails- Now you can enjoy the flavors of fall in our newest addition, local craft beers on tap and a variety of delicious wines!

Fall means fresh ingredients straight from the field; hops only hours off the bine, local honey, chocolate malts and savory spices. Local craft brewers have been hard at work personifying fall’s flavors in their latest seasonal releases which you can try at Huffhines Café!

Huffhines Café features delicious fall favorites, as well as famous Texas State Fair foods like- the famous Cuban roll, gourmet nachos, Texas barbecue sandwich, jalapeno cheese bratwurst, sausage on a stick, spicy buffalo wings, empanadas, hot dogs and sinfully diet busting dessert fries!

Conway's Corndogs - Dipped in the batter and then dipped in the fryer, Freshest and Bestest! Add fresh squeezed LEMONADE and a just-poured FUNNEL CAKE, and you have a complete festival meal. As an additional refresher, look for their SMOOTHIES Cart on the east border of the artist row.

Hillbilly KettleKorn - Yep, on site in a real kettle, and it is better than a popcorn ball and a whole lot easier to eat!

Wound Up! Cafe - From a trained chef/vintage scooter enthusiast, WUC's an Italian-made, three-wheeled 2012 Piaggio Ape 50 imported from the UK, and offering up locally-roasted brown stuff like a Chai-mera ("basically a mocha-chai-latte") and espressos, alongside much, much manlier things like a ChoccoLatte (hot chocolate w/ frothed milk), and San Francisco's David Rio Chai.

Texas Twist - Regulars to Cottonwood know the black grill on the festival's main road will have warm Mozzarella and Cinnamon PRETZELS. And if you need a cooler refresher, Texas Twist also offers frozen Minute Maid FROZEN TREATS.

Taylor's Concessions -New to Huffhines, Taylor’s concessions will be serving homemade pizza made from their portable wood-burning oven! Choose from traditional pepperoni, cheese, sausage or delicious BBQ chicken!

Bunch of Nuts - Our cinnamon roasted nuts are made with the finest and freshest ingredients and made with attention to detail for an authentic Bavarian-style treat you will not forget.